5 Honeymoon Planning Tips

5 Honeymoon Planning Tips

Danielle Thurston, November 2022

1. Plan early

You likely have your eye on that epic trip. The best of places tend to get booked fast, especially the more boutique ones. Once you know your dates, we suggest you start the process.

2. Stay open

You know you want those blue waters and overwater bungalows but don’t have the vacation time off to justify a 16+ hour flight to the Maldives, consider places like Bora Bora only 8 hours from west coast. Or stunning Caribbean islands, less than a handful of hours from mid and eastern US.

You want to spend your days exploring new places, pack in adventure but not stress about getting from A to B to C or packing and unpacking… maybe a small-ship expedition cruise or catamaran sailing the islands is the right fit.

3. Beware of the Google and Instagram overwhelm

By asking the right questions, focusing on how you want to feel on (and after) vacation, what you want the pace of each day to look like and what the most important thing you hope to get from this vacation… the destination and day to day plans within it are easier to flush out. Take the ‘You’ vacation, not the ‘Them’ vacation. There are a lot of ways to experience this world in style, it’s about getting to the heart of what style fits you best and what destination can deliver on it… not what influencer Jersey Jessica is paid to promote or Tennessee Tom thought was great on trip advisor.

4. Consider other dates

It used to be common for couples to dart right off on their honeymoon soon after their wedding. This tradition is losing appeal. Oftentimes, especially in the case of those who are doing a destination wedding and already spending time away from home, straight to honeymoon can add unnecessary stress. There’s planning for extended time off from work and the prep time needed to take it. Or your Cape Cod wedding is planned for the perfect weather in August, but your ideal Argentinian honeymoon is best in the southern hemispheres summer month of January. Nothing wrong with going later! Plus part of the fun of travel is the anticipation, so by delaying some, you are giving yourself more time to savor the sweet joys of dreaming about it!

5. Outsource

You’ve likely learned quicker than your parents did how to ask for help and lean on professionals for the life tasks that just aren’t your strength. You want to get your honeymoon as close to perfect as possible, it’s likely the most time off and most money you have spent on a vacation, but you don’t know where to start and how to get through all the noise online. Studies show millennials and Gen Z’ers are great at knowing when to put the aces in their places. By recognizing a professionals added value to your experience and a better end result, choosing reputable professionals and letting them do what they do best… you’re more likely to have a better outcome! Plus there’s the support all along the way and oh so much planning stress and time saved. We’ll do the listening, make the planning process fun, lean on our industry connections to elevate your experience, and access the perks and benefits to make you feel like the VIP honeymooners you are!