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About Danielle Thurston

Danielle grew up in a family with a thirst for adventure and who traveled extensively through the western US, taking full advantage of the varied geography the area boasts (often on a snowboard, ATV, horseback, or behind a boat). At a young age, she sought out opportunities to journey further, while also aiming to give back. Some highlights were volunteer trips to Mexico building orphanages, a summer-long trek to Europe singing in many countries’ cathedrals, and a marathon ran in Florence, Italy to raise money for a hometown charity.
During and after college, Danielle began a decade-long career in event management and catering where she thrived and refined her skills for realizing clients’ visions, active listening, effective communication, and bringing to life clients’ dreams for their milestone events.
Later she was recruited into luxury private aviation as a flight attendant, eventually becoming the company's chief flight attendant. It was here that she had the opportunity to take some of the country’s most influential people to the world’s most coveted destinations, all the while focused on delivering the finer things the areas had to offer and the ultimate in quality service. Becoming a luxury travel advisor was a natural career progression since both worldwide travel and detailed logistical management are forerunners in her experience.
She invites you to share your travel dreams with her so that together you can collaborate to create unparalleled authentic experiences throughout the world.

About Trisha Rivera

Trisha caught the travel bug early in life with a family that went off the beaten path on their journeys to learn more about the culture of a destination through its people. Whether it was a cooking class from a local chef or a horseback ride through the mountains with a cattle rancher, experience was always the goal. As a young adult, on a summer-long singing trip throughout Europe’s historical monuments and cathedrals, her love for travel fully blossomed and understanding for how it can both inspire and change you deepened. As a professional Opera Singer, Trisha was able to travel throughout the world and immerse herself in the cities she worked and performed in. That she can help design trips to allow one to experience these treasures is what fuels her passion for planning seamless curated vacations for her clients.
She is a mother and loves to plan family travel, understanding that the more a child travels and is introduced to different cultures, the better chance there is of raising a kinder, more compassionate human being. Travel may not be the road to world peace, but it’s a start.
Her varied career background as a Professor of Voice Studies, Marketing Consultant, Event Coordinator, and professional Opera singer all aided in developing a unique arsenal of skills she brings as a travel advisor, most notably her ability to listen and make personal connections. She would love to work closely with you to create the trip of a lifetime and continue to collaborate, making each one more uniquely ‘you’ than the last.

Jennifer Davis and Joe Davis

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